Starborn Ranch

Starborn Ranch

Tom and Bobbi Van Buskirk reside and maintain Starborn Ranch located in beautiful Tracy, California.

We have been involved with breeding and showing Paint Horses since 1974. Our business is small but we have been dedicated to improving the breed with every step we take, researching and ultimately choosing the best stallions to compliment the pedigrees and physical attributes of our broodmares.

Most of our foals go on to be shown at some of the major Fall Futurities here in California. Our main goal in our breeding program is to produce offspring that will halter and ride.

Starborn Ranch invites you to see the quality Paint Horses For Sale, our Broodmares, and the fine Paint Foals they produce.

~ Starborn Ceramics ~

Equine Art

Equine art ~ Painting ~ Ceramics ~

Go directly to hand painted art by Starborn Ceramics at:
Starborn Ceramics

Driven by her infinite love of the Paint Horse breed, Bobbi Van Buskirk offers a glimpse of several of her ceramic pieces.Horses she currently owns or has bred in the past are artfully hand painted on the pottery. She has also painted some of the top stallions here in California. See Bobbi's ARTIST PROFILE and a sample of her fine art work and order your own permanent painting of your favorite horse, wildlife animal or pet!

*Bobbi has been featured in the October 2005 American Paint Horse Journal*

Bobbi continues to win awards for her work! You can see many samples of her artwork and more on the Art Show Pages.

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Starborn Ranch

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